I am an artist/illustrator/graphic designer living in the Lower Hudson Valley New York. I am happiest when I am in the middle of several paintings and projects, surrounded by color and paint, hiding out in my attic studio, where I can see the mountains and my little town spread out below me. I am also a mother, a lover, a sister, a daughter, a friend, a spirit guide, a muse, an artist model, an advisor, a manager, a business partner, a home creator, and a world traveler. I am inspired by nature and fantasy, the realm of dreams and secrets, mysterious beings and lost worlds. I strive to be a collector, seeker and creator of beauty.

For this series that I have been immersed in for the past three years I wanted to depict a tribe of mysterious muses that accompany me to a place where time does not exist. When I paint or create I lose any sense of time so I see them as my guides into this timeless, hidden realm of color, magic and nature. In this magical place there is also an innocence that is the loss of self judgement. The muses understand that true magic exists in creativity and that we all have within us a primal desire to express the true self. Whether it is art, music, dance, cooking, taking care of others or running a company. There is a place where we feel we are at our best, our true selves and that is where my guides bring me. Though they are childlike in their playful expression, they are also wise woman and represent power, action, strength and love.